Infrastructure is responsible for more than half of Africa’s growth.

The construction sector has been slow to innovate, Africa is lagging behind in terms of infrastructure development. The road access rate in Africa is 34% compared to 50% in other parts of the developing world. More than 620 million people do not have access to electricity and only 5% of agriculture is irrigated.

Infrastructure development is a global challenge in order to respond to urban growth and rural development, and is expected to address issues such as sustainable development and energy efficiency, home automation and comfort for inhabitants.

The construction industry also has a role to play in terms of mobility, particularly via roads that can communicate with the surrounding environment.

Groupe BSI and Estia Synergie intervene in various fields of the building and public works industry with its Novocrete solution which uses natural minerals, facilitates transactions while reducing the impact on the environment.
Our system is suitable for virtually all infrastructure projects requiring earthworks or road works, ranging from the construction of roads, ports, storage areas, etc.

Groupe BSI and Estia Synergie participate in rural development, which allows to open up the production areas by improving the flow of goods to the cities, thus reducing transport costs, improving accessibility to basic services (health services, schools), and access to markets for agricultural products.

Our various application areas are and demonstrate our experience in using the Novocrete system in practice.

A well built and maintained road network is essential for economic growth and poverty alleviation in developing countries.

Marie Gracias Tete Hodonou

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